Fundraise with FTW
impacting communities.

Foodtruck Weekend belongs to a for-profit organization that believes strongly in giving back to every community that we operate in. As we negotiate with city government and venue owners to coordinate our weekends, we engage with area non-profts to involve them in the planning process - crafting effective fundraising avenues to support their civic efforts.

If we are coming to your city and you would like your organization to get involved with us, please scroll down for instructions on connecting with us.

Please send us an email to:

Thank you for your interest in bringing Foodtruck Weekend to Your City! Our team will research your city and if we decide to make a stop, we will be sure to let you know!

If Foodtruck Weekend is not scheduled to be in your area, and you would like to fundraise with us, click here to Bring FTW to Your City!