Bring FTW to Your City
Where R U? We're OTW!

Are you a city official looking for an event to add to your community calendar? Are you a resident that wants to see your city full of people, music and food? If we aren't already coming to your area, then invite us out!

Our team will research the area and, if it is a good fit, we will collaborate with local government, implement a marketing strategy and coordinate a diverse and plentiful mix of vendors and food trucks. We'll also reach out to area civic groups and non-profits to provide them with fundraising avenues during the weekend's activities.

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Bring FTW to Your City!

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Bring FTW to (Name of Your City Here)

Thank you for your interest in bringing Foodtruck Weekend to Your City! Our team will research your city and if we decide to make a stop, we will be sure to let you know!